Kristy Landgren

Happy Fourth of July!

Tonight was an evening of parades, salutations, music, and fireworks - a celebration of America's independence 235 years ago. The Original Founders were not stodgy, old Englishmen (as some have alleged) but were well-educated, community leaders, who were among the most brilliant thinkers of all time. They studied governments and societies, financial structures, political systems, history, religion, and human nature, just to name areas of interest to them. They proclaimed a Declaration of Independence, participated in an American Revolution, and constructed a Constitution, the supreme framework for the organization of the U.S. government. The Constitution defines the relationship government has with the states, it's citizens, and all others living within the United States. To quote Glenn Beck: "When those 56 men gathered to declare our Independence on July 4th, 1776, they weren't just saying no to British rule. –They were saying no to all rulers. They were declaring the beginning of the great American experiment, which sought to answer the question: Can man rule himself?” Even with all the hardships and troubles facing America, I still believe the answer is YES! And I say that as emphatically and enthusiastically as I possibly can. Man CAN rule himself and we are going to prove it together! If you're reading this then you probably know a lot about what I am working on but ultimately my goal is to prove that we have not failed in the goals set forth by our Founders so many years ago on July 4th. Everything I've been working on has been done with the intention on giving you the tools, the history, and the information you need to be self-reliant." Every year we celebrate our unique freedoms and those who defend them. We remember the incredible wisdom of the Founding Fathers and the bravery of those who serve America in uniform. We love to share our traditions with our friends. We enjoy our roots, history, culture, language, and enduring relationship with the U.K. We embrace the positive additions to our American experience, which have come to us through foreign influences from around the world. We continually strive to better ourselves, our surroundings, and the opportunties we provide for all. As the festivities come to a close, the work of maintaining freedom and American resiliency carries on. Despite all our social, political, and economic dfficulties, our optimistic attitude and constant persistance motivates us to keep the July 4th flame alive in our hearts today and well into the promising future.

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