Kristy Landgren


Oh, my goodness! The Imax Theater’s 3D movie production of the Hubble Telescope is beyond unbelievable. The images from the telescope and the scientific discoveries which have occurred as a result are blowing my mind. I probably need to return to the movie about 10 more times just to begin to absorb such monumental significance. Remember how much fun it used to be to go to an observatory and look through telescopes? Not anymore! Earth’s atmosphere distorts even the most sophisticated telescope’s photographs so they seem primitive and inadequate. The Hubble orbit’s the entire earth in 97 minutes, traveling 5 miles/second, capturing a crystal clear display of stars and worlds in countless galaxies. There is no atmosphere to interfere with the Hubble’s picture-taking abilities so it‘s phenomenal visual achievement will infinitely enlighten scientists and continue to amaze onlookers for years to come. Sitting in the movie and attempting to comprehend the perfect order of space truly rearranges one’s perspective and priorities. It made me feel slightly foolish for focusing on some over-analyzed problems: Like when a rumor circulated that an interesting guy had become divorced (which turned out not to be true -- awkward!) or when an opportunity slipped through the fingers because someone else’s song was better (or at least better for the project). I don’t mean to say that thoughts and feelings aren’t important. Of course, they are but dwelling on them is unproductive. As if all nature around us isn’t reminder enough, through the eyes of the Telescope, the universe is breathtakingly beautiful. It is the perfect moment to really stop and smell the roses, make a wish on a shooting star, and appreciate the unique purpose of every individual’s life. I still have a lot to learn about dark matter, black holes, overcoming obstacles and the secrets of success. Recently, though, I had a magnificent reality check at Imax's Hubble. Thank God we are here and we have the time and inclination to explore this wildly wonderful world and the incredible meaning of it all!

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