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Kris' iPod

What a month it has been - two Chicago trips, a convention, and a graduation. I still feel my head spinning but after three days back to work, I’m finally settling into “normal,” whatever that is! Anyway, if my little iPod hadn’t gotten me through so many long flights, I would have lost my mind! I’d been hauling around my Bose and headphones forever. My sister had been telling me for years that I needed something tiny for travel but I couldn’t justify replacing a perfectly good Bose, albeit a little clumsy. So she gave me an iPod back in March. I have been having so much fun going through all my old CDs and pulling out favorite songs. Some CDs are worthy of complete importation and I do have my favorite albums. Of course the early Beatles qualify, as well as, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac and ABBA Gold. So many others have one or two fabulous songs, destined for immortality, like Del Shannon‘s, Runaway, and the Cyrcle‘s, Red Rubber Ball. Long ago, one of the first covers I ever played was by the Dave Clark Five, Over and Over. It was such a simple, but great song (the drums really made it.) It only has two chords in the whole song! What a perfect song for beginners! Of course, many songs have only 3 chords (because of the musical progression) but not a lot of hits have only two! I love that song and have had such a good time playing it “over and over” again on my iPod. This past Memorial Day weekend my brother and I were playing some songs and laughing about the only one-chord hit in the history of pop music! He told me there actually was such a song but I couldn’t imagine anything but a boring chant that could really consist of only one chord! Lime in da Coconut, by Harry Nilsson, has the distinguished honor of being the only 1-chord hit in the history of pop! John played it on his guitar this weekend (being the ham that he is) and my sister actually guessed it by his guitar picking only - no singing, no words! There was a lot of rolling on the floor until we were crying from laughter! Now I’m on the hunt for that silly song so I can add it to my iPod collection. How would we keep our sanity if we didn’t have music to listen to, play, laugh, cry, and enjoy?

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