Kristy Landgren

The Legend

Nothing is as uplifting, inspiring and powerful as great music. I believe music is the gift of all gifts. That would make the musician gifted among all the gifted. Some musicians are more gifted than others and among the most gifted is the legend. Take me, for example. I love music. I enjoy all aspects of it: singing, listening, playing, writing, arranging, and accompanying. Music gives my life such purpose and delight. It has also provided immeasurable therapy during the most difficult and troublesome times. As grateful as I am for my musical talents, they dwarf in comparison to the truly legendary musician. The musical legend has the distinct privilege of not only benefiting from his (or her) own music but of infinitely blessing the lives of countless others. His love of music may have propelled him through the ups and downs of his own life, but his melodies, rhythms, and meaningful lyrics also touch the hearts and minds of listeners, strengthening them in their own personal experiences. They are enjoyed as much, when they are heard the first time, as when they are replayed over and over throughout the ages. Those great songs trigger memories of significant days gone by and bring to remembrance original emotions, once thought lost in the fog of time. Often, a classic song, when heard after a long while, inspires present motivational thoughts and behaviors as those empowering feelings of youth are recalled and relived. And as the music endures, new listeners introduced to it come to relish their own fresh interaction with these magnificent musical creations and with their almost magical composers. It seems that everyone wants to live a meaningful life and contribute in some small way to society and mankind. But the legacy of the legendary musician is the lasting bestowal of his unique vision of the universe, the miraculous finesse of all his musical instruments, and his ability to capture the connection of the human condition with the possibility of the divine potential. The sincerity, humility and genius with which he approaches his musical art is the eternal encapsulation of the nearly-mythical and, truly, gifted legend.

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