Kristy Landgren

Why Read the Bible?


    Going to church is the way we worship God and we participate in fellowship with other believers.  There is a peace that comes from the momentary escape of weekly concerns, as we settle into the reverence of the sanctuary and the calming music that precedes the hour’s lessons of holy instruction.   It is a time to offer prayers of gratitude or concerns, praise God through song and story, and reflect on the activities of the recent past, with intended strategies for improvement, as we go forward towards a brand-new week of hopefulness.  There is a generated energy achieved from the weekly “battery recharge,” a refocus on God’s priorities and a recommitment to follow Him and serve others.  Fellowship is gained from associations with similar believers; strength is in numbers and accomplishment is assured with a battalion of devoted do-gooders, confident in the dutiful purpose of bettering ourselves and the world around us.

    On a personal level, when we study the Bible, individually, among families, or in small groups, we allow the channels of creativity to open and divine interaction occurs through God’s holy spirit.  He can inspire, motivate, and encourage us with spiritual influences that are unique to our own concerns and circumstances.  Innermost prayers are our ways of speaking to God and intimations received through quiet Scripture study is His way of “speaking” to us.  We don’t literally hear His words with our ears, but we can feel emotions and we sense impressions that come to mind during the still and serene moments of Bible study.  God doesn’t answer on command; He always allows us to work and grow through faith, as we consistently study scriptures, attend Church, and continually attempt to make small steps toward progress in our behaviors and habits.  As we make the effort to draw close to God, through our personal study of the Bible, we begin to experience a Greater Presence in our lives, one that comforts, inspires, guides, loves, and empowers.

     Over time, I have found answers to questions, and I have enjoyed peace in my concerns, all from searching through chapters and verses of the Bible.  There is a great deal of commotion in the modern world; much of the technological activity is of great value, but a lot of its noise is distracting and disturbing.  It is important to set aside time each day to center on meaningful Biblical meditations and take a small reprieve from life’s daily demands.   Bible teachings are classic ones; they apply to every generation because we all experience the human condition and God gives us direction in our individual and collective journeys, through the stories and messages contained in the Scriptures.  When we read God’s word, we begin to see the world and other people through His eyes.  We can apply lessons learned to help create a less-divisive and antagonistic atmosphere, and a more loving, kind, just, and compassionate society.  We will then help soothe life’s sorrowful and disappointing situations by establishing a more supportive, joyful and fulfilling environment for all.  




I love my Sabbath to rest and renew. I like reading Psalms, especially.

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