Kristy Landgren

Heal Your Broken Heart

by Landmark

Released 2003
Released 2003
Soft Rock with an all-American response to the broken-hearted: Love is in the air.
Electric! Emotional! Monumental and Victorious!

This music's deep-dancing pop/country magically creates glitter and glow wherever it is played, and it's crowd-pleasing appeal grooves so deeply that it prompts all beholders to burst into song at the imaginary fireworks of romance. It's energy incites a New Year's resolution to a begin looking for love just over the horizon! It is contagious in it's melodies and it's rhythms. Heal Your Broken Heart is THE album for all those in need of a good laugh, a good tune, and a good time!

The musical foundation of the CD is drums, keyboard, and guitar (especially that lead guitar!) but songs also include strings, organ, and trumpet. Influenced by the classic genius of the Beatles, the thoughtful intellect of the Moody Blues, the charming flare of Shania Twain, and the inspirational simplicity of Faith Hill, the combination of smooth instrumentation and traditional harmonies adds texture and spice to the vocals, which often encourages listener participation (sing-a-long!)

The clever blend of pathos, energy, and brightness is reminiscent of your favorite Broadway musical - remember the longing of "The Phantom", the colors of the "Lion King", the bedazzle of "42nd Street", and the sheer charisma of "Mama Mia"!

All of this emotion and excitement is anxiously calling you and soon, the starry-eyed Pixie of Sentimentalism will be whispering in your ear and tugging on your heart strings in this contemporary tribute to the all-American man or woman of your dreams. It is an exciting and it is sure to light your dancing shoes on fire!