Kristy Landgren


Kristy is an author, musician, and faith-based coach who helps people find hope, happiness, and healing, as they discover their true purpose and God-given empowerment! 

  • Began piano education age 4
  • Played in school and garage bands
  • Provided accompaniments for A Capella choir
  • Performed musicals, variety shows, community Chorales
  • High school initiation of her Church organ education

Since she loves poetry, prose, and music, she was naturally drawn to writing as an avenue for influencing others to achieve their potential and increase their fulfillment.  

She is the author of the Heaven Heals series, with Heaven Heals (Finding Hope in the Reunion with Your Lost Loved One), due out this year in 2020.

Kristy graduated from Chicago’s Loyola University - School of Dentistry/Dental Hygiene program.

  • Licensed to practice in California, Illinois and Arizona
  • In 1995, appointed to California State Dental Board
  • Served California citizens nine years: Two terms and a grace year, ending 2004.

She loves exploring the world of science and art.  She devotes herself to writing, recording, speaking and coaching, inspiring others to increase their clarity and confidence.  She lives in Los Angeles and delights in helping her clients transform their dreams into their own individual life-masterpiece.