Kristy Landgren

Open Up Your Heart

by Landmark

Released 2000
Released 2000
For children
Open Up Your Heart, a cd containing the title cut, Open Up Your Heart (and Let the Son Shine In), which is a remake of the 1950's classic by Stuart Hamblen, is an enthusiastic ensamble of delightful tunes and topics. The title song, adapted by a modern arrangement, is performed with a complete band of guitars, keyboard, drums, strings and three-part vocal harmonies. The content of the song is reflective of a simpler day and age in which "right and wrong" is timeless and touching.

"Joshua Today" quotes: "Wow, this is a really well produced children's CD. This music isn't done in the standard 'talking down' manner that a lot of children's music comes in. Instead, it has talented musicianship, professional arrangements, and upstanding morals. ...A warning to parents: If you buy this CD your kids will probably drive you crazy playing it over and over. It's very catchy!"

Song summary:
Track 1: Happy Love Song
2: Fondly dubbed: The Marriage Song
3: Christmas in Chicago
4: Thoughtful Love Song
5: Columbine Memorial
6: Princess Diana Tribute
7: Reflective Song
8: Modern "Pied Piper"
9: Patriotic Tune
10: 1950's Energetic Remake

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